About Us

Bytedeck is managed by the Bytedeck Learning Society, a non-profit society registered in the province of British Columbia, Canada. Bytedeck's learning platform is housed on servers located in Canada.

The society is run by a small group of dedicated volunteers hoping to share this wonderful, gamified learning management system with other educators.

Why "Bytedeck"?

The idea of a “deck” originally referred to a deck building games and collectible card games (think Hearthstone, MtG, Pokemon, Dominion, etc) and that each user gets to build their own “deck” of gamified learning content.  

The “byte” was added because deck alone was too generic, brand wise, and byte indicates the digital nature of these decks, sounds cool, and hints at the bite/byte sized chunks that learning can be broken down into.

How we are Funded

Subscription (membership) fees cover most of our server costs, with the remaining paid for through various grants. Grant funding also helps us to hire developers so that we can continue improving the software.  Users who desire specific features have also funded the development of those features.

We would like to thank the Nextream Tech Competition for the generous funding they provided as a result of their 2022 competition.